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Action Alert– TABOR-like bill needs our help to defeat

For more info, visit the Missouri Budget Project website

HJR 23 has a Hearing in the Senate Ways & Means Committee TOMORROW,

Wednesday, April 8, 2009, Upon Morning Adjournment

Senate Committee Room 1

HJR 23, a TABOR-like bill, would create an additional constitutional revenue/spending lid in Missouri that would permanently tie Missouri to the current fiscal crisis and deteriorate Missouri ’s ability to fund basic services. The bill was changed slightly in the House. The largest change was the permanent tax reduction resulting when the revenue hits the “TABOR” lid was changed to a temporary tax reduction. The bill however is still TABOR and would still have very damaging impacts on Missouri ’s ability to fund services and invest in education and infrastructure. (See attached talking points for more information).

We need Your Help to secure a “no” vote in the Committee. Please Testify or Submit Written Testimony to the Senate Ways & Means Committee members. Ask that they vote NO on HJR 23- TABOR.

Committee Members:

Senator Vogel: carl_vogel@senate.mo.gov, 573-751-2076

Senator Lembke: Jim.lembke@senate.mo.gov 573-751-2315

Senator Bartle: matt_bartle@senate.mo.gov 573-751-1464

Senator Bray: jbray@senate.mo.gov 573-751-2514

Senator Lager: Brad.Lager@senate.mo.gov 573-751-1415

Senator Purgason: chuck.purgason@senate.mo.gov 573-751-1882
Senator Schmitt: Eric.schmitt@senate.mo.gov 573-751-2853

Senator Jones: Robin.jones@senate.mo.gov 573-751-2606