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Happy International Women’s Day!

You NEED to watch this fantastic series on PBS – “Makers – Women who Make America”!  It’s a three-part series that chronicles the birth of the women’s movement, the new balance of home and work and the ramifications of the movements into the current era.

I’m also putting together a Women’s History Panel featuring women from our neighborhood who have lived the women’s lib movement and felt the struggles – it will be Monday, March 25 at the Thurman Grill – look for more details to come.

Watch Part One: Awakening on PBS. See more from Makers: Women Who Make America.

CQ Politics | Political Gender Bias Remains Alive and Well

When she was running for president, Hillary Rodham Clinton would recount the story of how a 90-year-old female supporter once shook her hand at a rally. The woman explained that she had been born before all women won the right to vote in 1920, and now she could shake the hand of a woman who would become president. Clinton would juxtapose that moment with the placards that school-age girls brandished at her rallies, proclaiming that they, too, could grow up one day to be president.

via CQ Politics | Political Gender Bias Remains Alive and Well.