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Gifted Association of Missouri lobby day

I took my kids out of school yesterday to trek to Jefferson City.  It was my daughter’s 2nd trip to the state capitol – the first one being when we attended the DESE hearing stripping accreditation to our SLPS – but my son’s first visit.  We attended the Gifted Association of Missouri’s lobby day and were impressed at the turnout – over 100 parents, students and teachers talking with their state legislators about restoring funding for statewide gifted education.

We scooted up into the Senate gallery where Chad Beffa had arranged for Sen. Jeff Smith to acknowledge us from the floor.  While there we waved at Sen. Robin Wright-Jones (my kids were active in her campaign this summer).  We then went around the corner and popped into Robin’s office, asked Debi for a lunch recommendation (Ari’s pizza), and had a good conversation with John Bowman (chief of staff).  We found the stairs to go down to our other Senator’s office – Jeff Smith (also the kids know him as a neighbor).  He provided us with some good coloring and reading material but then had to run and do a roll call vote.  We went over to the House side, greeted Jamilah Nasheed,  and chatted a bit with Jeanette Mott-Oxford.

GAM lobby dayGAM lobby day


capitol-stairsThe kids and I enjoyed taking pictures of all the murals and carvings, and interesting ephemera at the capitol and on the grounds.  It was a long day but it is always impressive to see our government in action!

Liberal Groups Are Flexing New Muscle in Lobby Wars – NYTimes.com

WASHINGTON — When Newt Gingrich’s Congress was moving full-speed in its efforts to shrink the government more than a dozen years ago, Ralph G. Neas, an indefatigable champion of liberal causes, threw up his hands and declared that his side had been outmaneuvered.

via Liberal Groups Are Flexing New Muscle in Lobby Wars – NYTimes.com.