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Retirement Announcement

It is with sincere optimism for the future that I share with you my decision not to seek re-election upon completion of my current term as Democratic Committeewoman of the 8th ward.
I wish to devote the next civic chapter in my life working for meaningful change unfettered by political constraints. I’m using what I have learned to help develop a more inclusive, equitable community and this path would not have been possible had I not laid down roots as a Committeewoman.
I am so excited to support Annie Rice in her campaign for 8th ward Democratic Committeewoman! Her confidence, authenticity, and dedication to social justice are inspirational. I look forward to helping you get to know her over the next few months and working for her victory at the August 2 primary election.
Again, I have appreciated serving you and look forward to developing our new relationship in the community. Thank you for your support.

Call to support public health insurance option


Conservatives are running $1 million in ads, starting today, to crush the public health insurance option1—the heart of Obama’s health care plan. And they’ve promised to spend tens of millions more.2

To win against the powerful insurance lobby, we’ll need to be everywhere. Hundreds of thousands of MoveOn members have already made calls, signed petitions, faxed Congress, rallied at events—and we’ll even run our own ads soon—all in support of the public health insurance option.

But with the insurance industry in all-out attack mode, we now need to go even further. Can you drop by your senator’s local office today or tomorrow to tell him or her to stand up for a public health insurance option that would guarantee coverage and reduce costs by up to 30%?3

Here’s the office closest to you (or at least we hope so; see the P.S. for other options):

Sen. Claire McCaskill’s District Office
5850 A Delmar Boulevard
St. Louis, MO

Click here to print out your flier and let us know you’re going: