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August 2014 primary election results – 8th Ward

First of all, thanks for voting – you are doing your part in being an engaged citizen!  Thought you’d like to know some of the election results – particularly for the 8th Ward.  We had a 27.5% turnout, compared to the City’s 20.5% and were the 4th largest voting ward citywide.  (16th, 23, and 28 were tops)  This is a larger turnout than in previous primary elections for us –  23% in Aug 2012, 19% in Aug 2010, and 18% in Aug 2008.  The Constitutional Amendments drove more people to vote IMO – 27.5% of registered 8th ward voters cast a vote for the Amendments whereas only 23.9% of 8th ward voters cast a vote for US Rep. Lacy Clay.  I’ve always thought that issues drive voters, and this certainly seems to back that up!  If you have any questions about specific numbers for the candidates please let me know, or visit to download the dataset.  Also, please let me know if you had any issues at the polling places and I will do my best to help you.  Thanks again and see you in November!

8th Ward Polling Places

Please check the list below to confirm the location of your polling place.  Since Sherman School has closed, precincts 3 and 5 have moved to St. Margaret of Scotland Church.  If you do not know your polling place, click on the link below and enter the info.  Please let me know if you have any questions!

1 Kingshighway Branch Library (10) 2260 S. Vandeventer Ave.* Enter at 2260 Vandeventer Ave.

2 Kingshighway Branch Library (10) 2260 S. Vandeventer Ave.* Enter at 2260 Vandeventer Ave.

3 St Margaret of Scotland Church (10) 3854 Flad Ave.*Enter off 39th St.

4 Tower Grove Baptist Church (10) 4257 Magnolia Ave.*Enter off back parking lot.

5 St Margaret of Scotland Church (10) 3854 Flad Ave. *Enter off 39th St.

6 Missouri School For The Blind (10) 3867 Magnolia Ave.*Enter at circle drive off Magnolia Ave.

7 Missouri School For The Blind (10) 3867 Magnolia Ave.*Enter at circle drive off Magnolia Ave.

8 Missouri School For The Blind (10) 3867 Magnolia Ave.*Enter at circle drive off Magnolia Ave.

9 Missouri School For The Blind (10) 3867 Magnolia Ave.*Enter at circle drive off Magnolia Ave.

John Karel, Tower Grove Park Director, Resigns

Tower Grove Park Director To Step Down, Says Building On Park’s Legacy Won’t End

After 27 years, John Karel, the director of Tower Grove Park is stepping down.

John Karel

John Karel
Credit Provided by Tower Grover Pak

Karel says during his time as director he always worked to restore, maintain and improve the park. The next person will still have a lot to do to maintain the city’s second largest park.

“I think the most important thing that has happened at Tower Grove Park has been the recognition by the people who’ve known it and love it, how important it is and how important it is to restore the park to its proper position of excellence,” he said. “So it can serve as it always was intended to serve, as a major asset for the broader community of St. Louis.”

Keep reading via St. Louis Public Radio

Salameh’s Market under contract to City’s LRA

via Alderman Steve Conway:

We have received a a signed contract for the City to Purchase Salameh’s Market. This purchase had been a key element of the vision to redevelop the Shaw Neighborhood for the past 30 years. I would like to thank Mayor Slay’s administration, Laura Costello the Director of LRA, the past CDA Director Jill Taggert and the SNIA members and Housing Corporation members that have dedicated their time and resources over the past years to help make this happen. This building has had a debilitating impact on our housing values, created negative perceptions of our neighborhood and has impacted the quality of life in Shaw. There are no immediate plans for this building or site. I am now comfortable knowing that we will involve the Housing Corporation and Neighborhood Association in seeking requests for proposal to redevelop this site. Closing is set for May. Progress is never easy,

EWIDA meeting notes – March 20, 2014

There was a meeting of the Eighth Ward Independent Democratic Association this past Thursday.  Collector of Revenue Gregory F.X. Daly gave some updates from his office and asked for support for his re-election next Fall.  Alderman Jeffrey Boyd spoke about a ballot initiative he is sponsoring regarding job placement for military veterans and also asked for support in his bid for License Collector.  Rep. Mike Colona told us about problems in underfunding Missouri schools in this year’s budget, a bill that was signed by the Governor this week to allow insurance to cover the costs of oral chemotherapy drug, and proposed legislation to allow neighborhood associations to enter into lawsuits with owners of nuisance properties.  Rep. Michael Butler spoke about the school transfer plan that he considered “80% bad, 20% good” and elaborated.  Senator Jamilah Nasheed gave an update on her legislative activities.  Committeewoman Mattie Moore, Chair of the St. Louis City Democratic Central Committee, gave an overview of the committee and current activities.  Alderman Conway gave an update on ward activities and spoke about the Entertainment/Music Festival bill that was introduced at the Board of Aldermen last week.  Committeeman Stelzer thanked all of the elected officials for their attendance and I informed the membership about a used shoe drive at Mt. Olive church (donations accepted at Mama Josephine’s, 4000 Shaw), an award that the St. Louis Development Corporation is giving to Shaw Market/Regal Food for their updates, an e-waste recycling event held at SMOS school, and a new urban farm to be organized in Shaw thanks to a grant from Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education.

As these aren’t the “official” minutes, I apologize in advance for any omissions or errors.  The next meeting will be on Thursday, April 10, 7:30pm at SMOS church basement.  Let me know if you have any questions.

City provides funding to move UIC’s New Houses on Detonty Project Forward

via Alderman Steve Conway:

We have secured the funding to pay HUD back the acquisition price for the vacant lots on Detonty. UIC (the developer of Olio and City Garden Montessori), will now be able to develop the 16 new homes. Since securing the funding, they have now purchased the property from the City, and are now platting the property lines.

There is a mix of housing sizes and styles with the ability to have a first floor master bedroom suite. You can view the project and housing styles at This project will be complimented by the two the renovation into townhouses of the decaying dinosaurs next to Sasha’s.

I would like to thank Mayor Slay’s office, CDA, Shaw Neighborhood Housing Corporation and UIC for the their efforts.

St. Margaret of Scotland plans school expansion

via St. Louis Business Journal:

St. Louis Catholic school to expand

A Catholic grade school in the city of St. Louis plans to expand with a new building that will cost millions of dollars.

St. Margaret of Scotland School, at 3964 Castleman Ave. in the Shaw neighborhood, will build a one-story building with six classrooms on its current property, according to KSDK.

The school currently has 400 students in kindergarten through eighth grade. About 120 students will be housed in the new building.

The school has added 15 to 25 students every year for the past nine years, according to KSDK.

Principal Juliann Hased told KSDK that the school has $1 million in cash and $2 million in pledges for the construction of the new building. The school will also have to take out an unspecified loan from the Archdiocese of St. Louis, she said.

The building will open by August 2016, according to KSDK.

Notes from EWIDA Feb. 20, 2014

There was a meeting of the EWIDA on Thursday, Feb. 20 at St. Margaret of Scotland church basement.  Rep. Michael Colona and Rep. Michael Butler spoke about recent legislative battles and about the upcoming Citywide Caucus meeting that will gather city and state elected officials together to coordinate upcoming legislation.  Sean Spencer of the Tower Grove Neighborhoods Community Development Corporation gave an overview of the new organization and what we can expect for programs and involvement.  Alderman Conway spoke about the Kingshighway bridge replacement and gave an update from the Board of Aldermen.  Committeeman Jack Stelzer was absent due to his wife having knee surgery but asked Norah Ryan to let us know about an upcoming fundraiser for Recorder of Deeds, Sharon Quigley Carpenter.  I relayed Metro’s intentions of holding community meetings ahead of their fare increases, warned people against signing Rex Sinquefield’s Great teacher petitions, and announced a starting date of April 2 for my Preschool Storytime partnership with Isaiah 58 Ministries and Compton Heights Christian Church (we are always looking for volunteer readers or donations of books if you are interested!)  Kevin McKinney circulated an early voting petition and the EWIDA voted to officially endorse the initiative.

As these aren’t the “official” minutes, I apologize in advance for any omissions or errors.  The next meeting will be on Thursday, March 20, 7:30pm at SMOS church basement.  Let me know if you have any questions.

SOTU 2014

In honor of this week’s State of the Union address by President Barack Obama, I have compiled some interesting related trivia for your perusal.  If you would like to join me, I will be at the Thurman Grill on Tuesday watching the speech and chatting with neighbors.

  • The shortest state of the Union message in terms of word count was the first: George Washington’s 1790 address weighed in at 1,089 words.
  • The longest in terms of words was Jimmy Carter’s final message, in January 1981. A written document rather than a speech, the report was 33,667 words long.
  • Two presidents–William Henry Harrison and James Garfield–never delivered such a message to Congress. Both died in office before they were able to.
  • The longest orally delivered speech (at least since they started tracking these things in 1966) was Bill Clinton’s January 2000 address, which clocked in at 1 hour, 28 minutes and 49 seconds. Incredibly, that speech was only 7,452 words long, not nearly as long as his 1995 talk, in which he jammed 9,190 words into 1 hour, 24 minutes and 58 seconds.