August 2014 primary election results – 8th Ward

First of all, thanks for voting – you are doing your part in being an engaged citizen!  Thought you’d like to know some of the election results – particularly for the 8th Ward.  We had a 27.5% turnout, compared to the City’s 20.5% and were the 4th largest voting ward citywide.  (16th, 23, and 28 were tops)  This is a larger turnout than in previous primary elections for us –  23% in Aug 2012, 19% in Aug 2010, and 18% in Aug 2008.  The Constitutional Amendments drove more people to vote IMO – 27.5% of registered 8th ward voters cast a vote for the Amendments whereas only 23.9% of 8th ward voters cast a vote for US Rep. Lacy Clay.  I’ve always thought that issues drive voters, and this certainly seems to back that up!  If you have any questions about specific numbers for the candidates please let me know, or visit to download the dataset.  Also, please let me know if you had any issues at the polling places and I will do my best to help you.  Thanks again and see you in November!

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