Salameh’s Market under contract to City’s LRA

via Alderman Steve Conway:

We have received a a signed contract for the City to Purchase Salameh’s Market. This purchase had been a key element of the vision to redevelop the Shaw Neighborhood for the past 30 years. I would like to thank Mayor Slay’s administration, Laura Costello the Director of LRA, the past CDA Director Jill Taggert and the SNIA members and Housing Corporation members that have dedicated their time and resources over the past years to help make this happen. This building has had a debilitating impact on our housing values, created negative perceptions of our neighborhood and has impacted the quality of life in Shaw. There are no immediate plans for this building or site. I am now comfortable knowing that we will involve the Housing Corporation and Neighborhood Association in seeking requests for proposal to redevelop this site. Closing is set for May. Progress is never easy,

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