Preschool Storytime starts this week, April 2!

Storytime flyerI am so excited to have our first preschool storytime event this week!  It is free and will be held at the Compton Heights Christian Church (2149 S. Grand) on every Wednesday at noon.  Isaiah 58 is holding a weekday worship service and we thought to hold storytime as a relief for any parents or caregivers in attendance, but it is certainly not limited or exclusive to those clients.  There will be a light luncheon following the service that is provided by Isaiah 58 as well.

All our reader volunteers have been background checked, and have received boundary training (guidelines on appropriate methods when working with children) and storyteller training.  We will use books from the St. Louis Public Library, or from our own collections – we also would love any donations (hint-hint) so let me know if you have any picture books that you would like to donate.  One goal is to let each child go home with a book, but we’ll see how many books and children we will have!

It has been fun to “re-live” the preschool stories that my kids liked to hear and also refresh my memory on the sing-alongs and finger games that we will try to incorporate into the 20 minutes.  If you would like to volunteer, please PLEASE let me know – the storytime is every Wednesday at noon, but that doesn’t mean a weekly commitment – you can read as often as your schedule allows.  Also, if you can put the flyer in your business or around the neighborhood or have access to a church bulletin, etc., we’d appreciate the PR help!  Storytime flyer2

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