Reclaim the Promise of Public Education

I was honored to participate in last night’s rally at Carr-Lane school to “Reclaim the Promise of Public Education”.  It was a national event, with actions held in many cities throughout the United States and was co-sponsored by the American Federation of Teachers and National Education Association.  It was nice to see a strong diverse coalition of community and faith leaders come out and speak up for public education instead of tear it apart as so often happens by many St. Louis political leaders.

The AFT has a great synopsis of the key issues and points to endorse – I am proud to support all of these issues and hope you will stand up with me against the onslaught of corporate privatization, biased meritocracy, and class-ism that plagues not only public education but our nation as well.


Our visions for reclaiming the promise:

  • High-quality public education for all children that nurtures a joy of teaching and learning. Read more
  • Access to early childhood care and education for all families, including the supports they need. Read more
  • Access to affordable and excellent higher education. Read more
  • The resources and staffing our hospitals and medical centers need to provide world-class patient care. Read more
  • Properly funded and dependable public services and programs that meet the needs of our communities. Read more
  • Safeguarding the retirement security for all working women and men. Read more

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