Early Voting Initiative Petition

via MoScout.com

Matt Dameron filed three initiative petitions with the secretary of state’s office last week. They all deal with early voting and are basically the same. They propose that the early voting would occur for the six weeks preceding the election. Each election authority would have to have a central location for the early voting. Larger authorities would be required to have satellite offices as well.

Dameron was formerly chief of staff to Chris Koster, so this could be viewed as a Democratic ploy to increase turn-out ahead of Koster’s 2016 gubernatorial race. It also echoes themes that Secretary of State Jason Kander has been talking about.

Dameron is also listed as the treasurer for a new campaign committee filed last week. It’s called the Missouri Early Voting Fund, and its stated purpose is to support the early voting constitutional amendment. The deputy treasurer is Ben Jersak, who previously served as assistant scheduler for Governor Jay Nixon.

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