Voter Registration

Brrrrr – I just got back from a day at the Shaw Art Fair!  This is the 5th year I have organized a voter registration table at the fair.  It was so enjoyable to sit and people watch, dog watch, and talk to interested citizens.  Thank you to all who stopped by to say hi!  We took 24 registrations which were mostly address changes, but one new 18-year-old and one new citizen! Since I was at the same tent as the Shaw housing corporation, the Shaw neighborhood association and UIC (who is the developer of the new DeTonty Commons), I really got to network and strengthen relationships.  Face to face time is so important as a lot of people either know my name or know my face but sometimes don’t put the two together as their Committeewoman!  Today I feel good about my part in democracy – especially hearing the “thank-you for doing this” from passersby and knowing that every registration, every vote, is hope for a brighter future.  It really does matter!

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