Veolia update

I’ve received a number of requests about the current status of the Veolia contract with the City water department.  The St. Louis Dump Veolia group has a google email list to keep subscribers updated – here is the site if you are interested:!forum/alerts-dump-veolia-stl

Also, here is the original contract between Veolia and the City for your perusal – the language seems legalese to me and I have trouble seeking out the chinks, so please contact the Dump Veolia group for specific questions.

One thought on “Veolia update

  1. Susan Turk

    I hope everyone concerned about the Veolia contract understands that the reason the Slay administration is working with Veolia is that the company is favored by his largest campaign donor, Rex Singuefield. Singuefield’s Show Me institute website promotes Veolia. I hope people who voted to re-elect Slay understand they were voting for Singuefield’s priorities.

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