Regal Foods III markets Whitaker Festival picnic boxes

Hundreds of people come into our neighborhood to attend the free summer Whitaker Music Festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden.   I am excited to help the owners of Regal Foods create and market ready-made picnic boxes to offer those festival patrons who walk across our doorstep each Wednesday evening. The store is changing and This will be a great way to market their renovations and their new healthy food options to a larger audience and promote the Shaw neighborhood!

UPDATE:  Berhe, the manager, has decided to add some of his Northeast African dishes to the picnic box menu.  Ades, or misir watt, is dairy free lentil stew served with Injera which is a gluten free fermented bread made from teff flour.  Additions of cucumber and tomato salad, a hummus-like spread, grapes and Perrier water will complete the box.

We would love your help with assembling, marketing or selling these boxes.  We will be making up a flyer to be distributed each Wednesday afternoon or evening, assembling the boxes Tuesday night, and selling them aggressively Wednesday evening!  Please let me know if you can help!

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