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Our new City Municipal Police Force or “Local Control, now what?”

via St. Louis Public Radio:

The process of turning control of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department over to City Hall begins today.

Ald. Craig Schmid, the chair of the public safety committee at the Board of Aldermen, will introduce the bill in which the city accepts “responsibility, ownership and liability as the successor-in-interest for contractual obligations, indebtedness and other lawful obligations of the Board of Police Commissioners.”

Most of the process of creating a municipal police force is outlined in language approved in November as part of Proposition A. But the devil remains in the details. For example, the Civil Service Commission will have to determine a proper disciplinary process, since police officers will now be city employees. And there’s always the possibility, however slight, that the Board of Aldermen could refuse to pass Schmid’s bill.

As you know, our ward organization did not endorse Prop A, or local control this past election cycle.  We had concerns about the limiting language of the bill and also the backing of Rex Sinquefield was disturbing.  I know I’m not the only one following this process like a hawk.  Members of the “Vote No on Prop A” group were down at the Board of Aldermen meeting this morning to question the sponsor of the bill and make sure that City Hall is aware that people are paying attention.  And we are.  One of my ongoing goals is to track bills and legislation that affects us as a ward and a city – not a small task – but something that we as citizens have a responsibility to do if we are to keep our electeds accountable!

I need help to accomplish this – if anyone is interested in following a particular piece of legislation, or has a cause that is near and dear, or wants to keep tabs on what their favorite senator is doing, please let me know.  And I’ll keep you posted on City Hall’s progress on Prop A – information is power!

First Annual Coats for Kids

First Annual Coats for Kids
part of the Good Faith in the Eighth initiative
sponsored by Committeewoman Cara Jensen

Please join me to kick off the first annual Coats for Kids drive this Friday and Saturday, Nov. 30 and Dec 1.  Drop off any new or gently used coats, hats, mittens and gloves at Mama Josephine’s restaurant, 4000 Shaw Avenue, or call me at 314-773-2881 to arrange for pickup.  We need coats to fit children in pre-kindergarten through high school –  boys and girls sizes small, medium, large and extra large and adult sizes up to 3X.

Your donations will be locally given to the Isaiah 58 Ministries thrift store at 2149 S. Grand.  Isaiah 58 Ministries is a non-profit organization begun in 1970 that provides immediate emergency needs through their food pantry, thrift store and utility assistance program.  They serve over 600 families in the community per month.

I started the “Good Faith in the Eighth” initiative to share activities and events that promote a sincere, honest intention to benefit our community as a whole.  I invite you to join in this effort and welcome any suggestions for future events or programs.

For more information, please visit the following sites:

State, City & 8th ward election breakdowns


Here’s where we stand in comparison to the City and State.   We moved up to the 3rd largest vote count in the City with a 77% turnout and 6097 votes- whoo hoo!  If you are interested, I will also post graphs of Obama turnout, McCaskill turnout and, what I thought was interesting, the Obama vs. McCaskill turnout – all per ward.  Are there any other stats you would like to see?


Missouri votes City votes (72% turnout % Ward 8 %
President, Vice President
Barack Obama, Joe Biden 1,215,031 116654 82.39 5071 85.60
Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan 1,478,961 22617 15.97 853 14.40
U.S. Senator 0.00
Claire McCaskill 1,484,683 120878 86.16 5275 90.43
Todd Akin 1,063,698 15159 10.81 558 9.57
Governor 0.00
Jeremiah W. (Jay) Nixon 1,485,147 116003 83.46 5035 87.10
David (Dave) Spence 1,157,475 19201 13.81 746 12.90
Lt. Governor 0.00
Susan Montee 1,211,352 108963 79.56 4725 83.97
Peter Kinder 1,316,655 22701 16.57 902 16.03
Secretary of State 0.00
Jason Kander 1,289,655 112952 82.99 4869 87.29
Shane Schoeller 1,256,035 18638 13.69 709 12.71
Treasurer 0.00
Clint Zweifel 1,324,489 112736 82.99 4807 86.82
Cole McNary 1,197,451 18375 13.53 730 13.18
Attorney General 0.00
Chris Koster 1,482,381 115638 84.54 4942 87.59
Ed Martin 1,081,510 17279 12.63 700 12.41
Constitutional Amendment 3 yes 606,063 31883 24.85 980 17.49
no 1,921,868 96411 75.15 4623 82.51
Proposition A yes 1,610,427 75418 56.27 3226 55.55
no 910,295 58621 43.73 2581 44.45
Proposition B yes 1,314,856 83856 61.38 4172 70.11
no 1,357,437 52752 38.62 1779 29.89
Proposition E yes 1,567,816 56039 42.77 2087 36.60
no 970,924 74971 57.23 3615 63.40
Prop R yes 79071 61.49 4102 74.03
no 49512 38.51 1439 25.97

Election Watch Party

Thank you to all those who came out to the Thurman Grill Tuesday night to watch the election returns!   Thanks also to Alderman Steve Conway for co-hosting with me and Larry Weinles for allowing us to occupy his establishment.  There were tense moments, jubilant moments and plenty of tears and clapping.  I hope everyone went to sleep with a smile on their face – I know I did!

Post-election wrap up from the Beacon

Great analysis from Jo Mannies, Jason Rosenbaum and Chris McDaniel:

It’s the post-election Politically Speaking special. Chris McDaniel of St. Louis Public Radio joins Jo Mannies and Jason Rosenbaum of the St. Louis Beacon to wrap up last night’s races.

We go through McCaskill’s decisive win over Akin (was he trounced or shellacked?) as well as all the state-wide races. We also throw in a couple Congressional seats, Missouri legislature make-up, and the ballot initiative results.