Missouri Voter Hotline

At last night’s Central Committee meeting, Rob Hagge and Jack Coatar spoke about voter suppression issues for the upcoming election.  They have been working with Missouri County and City Election Boards to educate staff on preventative tactics.  So far in the City, we have 96 lawyers (who have to be City residents to be credentialed) to serve as watchers inside our polling places.  Our job as Committeepeople is to watch outside the polling places for any shady business – false sample ballots or pamphlets, intimidation, etc.   Also, we need to let people know that ANY form of id is acceptable – a bank statement, utility bill – anything that shows your name associated with your address.  Click here to see all the acceptable forms of id.

If you have any questions or issues about voter id there is a hotline:  1-855 MO2VOTE

See you at the polls!

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