EWIDA’s positions on the ballot initiatives

In little over a week, we will be electing or re-electing many of our local, state and national legislators. Just as importantly, we have several statewide ballot initiatives that impact our community. The 8th Ward Independent Democratic Association membership listened to pro and cons on each issue, discussed and debated, then voted on our positions.  Click on the yes or no to find out more info or contact me with any questions.

  • Missouri Judicial Appointment Amendment, Amendment 3 – Our position: Vote No
  • Missouri Municipal Police Amendment (Local Control), Proposition A – Our position: Vote No
  • Missouri Tobacco Tax Initiative (Tobacco Tax Increase), Proposition B – Our position: Vote Yes
  • Missouri Health Care Exchange Question, Proposition E – Our position: Vote No
  • St. Louis City Board of Alderman ReductionProposition R – Our positionVote Yes

Click here for the Official Ballot  Title, the fair ballot language and the full text

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