Congressman Carnahan’s State of the District address

Feb 9 SOTD addressI attended Congressman Carnahan’s State of the District address in Festus along with several other members of the 8th Ward.  I was impressed with the frankness with which he addressed questions and also the responsiveness of his staff.  A transcript of his speech is below:

Good Afternoon / Evening

(Special Recognitions)

Thank record number of voters who hired me for a third term to serve..

It is an honor to represent you …and it is my job to not just represent you, but even those who didn’t vote for me, didn’t vote at all, or are waiting to be voters.

Now more than ever, we are all in this together.

I want to thank all of you for coming and give special thanks to my Congressional Advisory Committees and the thousands who have written, e-mailed, called, or met with in Missouri and Washington.

Your combined ideas inform me and your common sense ideals inspire me – everyday as your Representative in Congress.



Of all the remarks I have made over the years about the State of the District, these are without question the toughest times we have ever faced.

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